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Table 2 BCS class and potential candidate molecules for pediatric drug development

From: Development of an algorithm to identify mass production candidate molecules to develop children’s oral medicines: a North American perspective

Generic name BCS Class Referencea
Metoprolol I TRSL
Clopidogrel II TRSL
Lisinopril III TRSL
Amlodipine I TRSL
Ursodiol Uncl. n.d.
Bosentan Uncl. n.d.
Pantoprazole Uncl. n.d.
Acetazolamide IV TRSL
Spironoloactone II TRSL
Valaciclovir I TRSL
Captopril III TRSL
Nifedipine II TRSL
Baclofen Uncl. n.d.
Warfarin II TRSL
Sildenafil I TRSL
L-thyroxine I TRSL
  1. Uncl. unclassified, n.d. no data
  2. aProvisional BCS Classification.