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Table 1 List of Acronyms

From: AAPS Workshop: accelerating pharmaceutical development through predictive stability approaches, April 4–5, 2016

ALCM Analytical Life Cycle Management
AQbD Analytical Quality by Design
ASAP Accelerated Stability Assessment Program
ATP Analytical Target Profile
CBE Change Being Effective
CE-SDS Capillary Electrophoresis -- Sodium dodecyl sulfate
CMA Critical Method Attribute
CQA Critical Quality Attribure
CTA Clinical Trial Application
DP Drug Product
DS Drug Substance
EM Emerging Market
EU European Union
IMPD Investigational Medicinal Product Dossier
IQ Inovation and Quality
IR Immediate Release
KMP Key Method Parameter
MA Marketing Application
MR Modified Release
NCE new chemical entity
PA Post Approval
PAC Post Approval Change
PAS prior approval supplement
PCV Polychlorovinyl
QbD Quality by Design
SLLA shelf-life limiting attributes
SRA Stability Risk Assessment
SRQA stability related quality attributes
UHPLC Ultra High Pressure Liquid Chromatography
WRD Worldwide Research and Development