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Table 2 Categories of reported operational difficulties

From: Improving the safety of disposable auto-injection devices: a systematic review of use errors

Category References
Activation (Jeannerot et al., 2016)
Buttons (Fujioka et al., 2015; Rohrer et al., 2013)
Feedback - audible (Lange et al., 2015; Varunok et al., 2011)
Feedback - visible (Lange et al., 2015; Lange et al., 2014)
Packaging (Guerlain et al., 2010b)
Safety cap (Lange et al., 2015; Pachon et al., 2014; Demary et al., 2014; Domańska et al., 2017; Guerlain et al., 2010b)
Site disinfection (Jeannerot et al., 2016)
Washing hands (Jeannerot et al., 2016)