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Dawn of a new beginning

Welcome Pharmaceutical Scientist community! This is my first editorial and I would like to take the opportunity to sincerely thank AAPS and Springer Nature for their trust, recognition, and support in stepping into this leadership role — a responsible and challenging task! I am excited to connect to the scientific community creating an open access space for pharmaceutical sciences.

I would like to welcome you, the readers, authors, and reviewers of AAPS Open, and invite you to join me on a journey that we have started a couple of months ago. Initially launched in 2015, the journal underwent a transformative process during the last months/year to focus on its strength. We are excited to announce that we went live again in April and I would like to thank you for your patience during this process!

We have refined the scope of the journal and I would like to highlight that besides original research articles, AAPS Open will accept a diverse range of secondary research including white papers, commentaries, and perspectives from experts in their field, as well as meeting reports, and reviews or brief review articles. I expect a diverse range of manuscript and opinion pieces from both academia and industry covering the breadth of pharmaceutical sciences. Personally, I am excited about the currently transforming scientific landscape, and I would like to specifically highlight new biopharmaceutical modalities including cell, gene, and nucleotide-based therapeutics bringing hope to thousands of patients around the globe. Thus, I would like to encourage submissions of opinion pieces to educate the pharmaceutical community and advancing community knowledge about these new treatment modalities.

I would like to highlight that AAPS Open is a fully open access, fully peer-reviewed journal, and the flagship of open access publishing of the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists. The acceptance but more important the desire for open publishing, basically the concept of freely available research without restrictions on use, has been increasing over the recent decade and this trend is continuing. In numerous cases, open access publishing is also requested by funding bodies for example those being part of cOAlition S, with the goal of making scientific content accessible to the global scientific community addressing the imbalance in access to information. Especially during the current COVID-pandemic, this concept has been exemplified and publishers have made related scientific content fully accessible.

Last but not least, I would like to thank the previous editorial board members and editors of the journal for their time and energy that they have dedicated to the journal! Likewise, I would like to welcome the new editorial advisory board and new team of editors, who form a strong and diverse fundament on which to build the success of this journal. Stay tuned to hear more from the board, for example about special issue that we will initiate!

With progressing vaccination coverage across the world in fighting the present COVID pandemic, I do feel the dawn of a new beginning all around — in my professional environment, in my private environment, and when looking at diverse communication channels. Let’s transfer this spirit to the journal and I am looking forward to receiving exciting manuscripts that we make publically available to the scientific community advancing pharmaceutical sciences!

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